Two teams of two come together to form one team of one. That’s the equation that summed out this nifty progressive banger called “Drop The Pressure”. Montreal natives Paris & Simo have joined forces with a duo of Milanistis you may know as Lush & Simon.

Supported by a wide scope of electronic talents; the track has received massive airplay from smaller up-and-coming acts all the way up to artists as big as the scene itself. It’s not even a question why, as Drop The Pressure is as solid as can possibly be. Capitalizing on simplistic load up for the first 30 seconds or so, things truly escalate when the track reaches it’s 1 minute mark, exploding with heavy sound before relaxing into it’s ever-so harmonic bridge. The drop on each side of this link stands out due to their synthwork, thus illustrating characteristics from each groups individual styles.

For those who’ve been avid fans electronic music for a longer period of time, you might have been able to pick up on the vocal sample the collaborators used. If you guessed Mylo‘s 2004 Electro House classic “Drop The Pressure”, well you’re right! Lush & Simon + Paris & Simo truly deal an exciting tune the likes of which continues to further their discography in a positive way.

Enjoy Drop The Pressure as it is a downloadable for free via the groups SoundCloud pages!