Eric Prydz likes to get creative and innovative with his ‘EPIC’ Live Shows and the next installment, 5.0, sounds like it could be the best one. If you’ve been to an EPIC live show from Prydz, you know how great the show can be. Earlier this year, he worked with Mashable to explain the technology behind his 4.0 show in Los Angeles and the visuals were absolutely stunning and ever since this show debut, his goal was always bring something fresh for the fans making each show unique whether it’s visuals, stage production, or the music he plays.

In an interview with Insomniac’s Night Owl Radio, Prydz revealed some big news that EPIC 5.0 is coming. He didn’t get into specific such as the technology or when the tour would be happening, but he left the fans with this: “It’s going to blow your head off.” He also announced the return of his EPIC Radio podcast in November so I’m definitely expecting new music from any of his three alias and hopefully, the details for his 5.0 tour comes soon. You can listen to the interview with Insomniac at 31:00.