The long awaited album from electronic music mastermind Eric Prydz is out now! Featuring 19 tracks, this album covers tons of music previously only known by ‘IDs’. This compilation has tons of fresh sounds, combining the sweeping, progressive synths signature to his style, as well as some heavy bass oriented tracks, and even some odes to 80s dance music. I’ll go through some of the tracks that really stick out to me.

Som Sas is track 4 on the list, and the awesome groovy bass is one to surely win you over quick. The track starts off with mystery, having synths guide into the melody, until the bass takes over and rips into the beat. Previously known as the ‘Creamfields ID’, this track has had me buzzing ever since I had first heard it during his set at Ultra last year.

Trubble is absolutely filthy. This is definitely one of Pryda’s most unique tracks on the album. With tons of analog on the bass, there’s an ominous evil vibe to it. Every hit feels like you’re descending deeper and deeper into something. Most probably my favorite of the 19.

Last Dragon was released on Monday, but was known about for some time. This track is a smorgasbord of melodies, combining so many different sounds, which are masterfully blended together and culminate in an epic climax.

The Matrix also known as the ‘New City Gas ID’ was another track that has been circulated for some time. This electric beat has all the epicness and majesty we could ever want. Works as a great way to end a set.

Opus. If you haven’t heard the song yet, you probably should, because this is one for the ages.

There are tons of other tracks on this album, from his mix with Rob Swire on the vocals, to the hit single ‘Every Day’. This album is one that has an insane amount of replay ability just from the musical journey it offers alone. ‘Opus’ is a true demonstration of the capabilities of the Swedish producer, Eric Prydz. 2015 was a huge year for him, and it looks like there’s no stops being made for 2016 either.