Out of all the hugely successful DJs, Eric Prydz is one of them that speaks the least. He doesn’t flaunt on Instagram or make long posts on Facebook. Much like his DJ style, he makes a short post and lets the image do the talking, Lately, Eric Prydz has been on a Cirez D rampage, playing tons of IDs suitable to the moniker during his sets, as well as releasing his In The Reds / Century of the Mouse EP.

Recently, he has teased his fans with an upcoming EP, likely to be another Cirez D. You really never can predict what will be on the EP, as the man has hundreds of IDs lying around waiting to be released. However many speculate that his Capitol 1 ID, also known as Choo is to be on it. Others believe the insanely groovy ‘Black Hole’, also known as the New City Gas ID will be on it (this one has been played now for almost 2 years).

Only time will tell what he’ll release. His last EP has been receiving massive attention from Techno DJs such as Danny Tenaglia and Adam Beyer, to more House oriented styles such as Hannah Wants. No doubt this EP will have a similar impact!