Murcia, Spain’s Taao Kross has come a long way since the days as a runner up at a national DJ competition in Madrid.

With his performance last year at the Medusa Sun festival in Cullera, his remix of Richard Grey’s ‘Stand by Me’ and now a resident DJ at David Guetta’s F***ME! I’M FAMOUS festival, Kross has elevated himself to be a long-lasting name in the dance music scene. Since then, he has moved on to 2017 in top form, with one of his latest releases with Garuda records.

In collaboration with the talents of fellow DJ and producer, Otto Orlandi,  ‘The Primitives’ was released back on January 6th 2017 but still highly regarded within today’s electronic music scene and it’s not difficult to see (or hear) why. As soon as the first beat hits, the build wastes little time, with the addition of a sequenced synth that uses a flange-like technique and becomes clearer as every second passes. From then on, the track becomes something more, with the introduction of smooth vocals. Though with every lyric sung, the beat intensifies, giving the notion that it’s only “the calm before the storm”.

Within a matter of seconds, the explosive melody kicks in, while the track samples it’s cultural component of tribal voices. From there, it isn’t before long the break down occurs and the primitive vocals enter in full effect; reminiscent of the times of Coldcut’s ‘Timber’ and Future Sound of London’s ‘Papua New Guinea’.

‘The Primitives’ is a vibrant and imaginative four plus minute journey, using it’s ideas of mixing authentic ethnic voices with synthetic electronic sounds in the way that’ll give it’s listeners and clubbers around the world, the very best exotic and euphoric experience.