In this day and age, music festivals are the lifeblood of DJs and fans alike. Newer ones have sprung up and made a huge impact in their respective local scenes, rapidly growing in size each year (and with more headliners). Top tier festivals such as Tomorrowland Belgium, or Timewarp Germany, from humble beginnings, have now grown to an astoundingly large size, and have achieved an iconic reputation, with the visuals and pyrotechnics to back it.

Amidst all the major festivals, was one I’ve recently discovered to be a hidden gem of sorts. Extrema Festival Belgium.

Situated next to a lake, and near a forest, the layout and stage setup echoes old school Tomorrowland. Lots of colours, exotic and warm style, with just the right amount of lights and pyrotechnics (it’s all about the music, after all). With only approximately 5,000 attendees, it’s dwarfed in attendance compared to all the major Techno Festivals in Europe. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the lineup though.

This year’s edition took place near the end of May, and featured some of the biggest and hottest names currently in the industry, including Stephan Bodzin, Amelie Lens, Luigi Madonna, Seth Troxler, Dubfire, Adam Beyer, Joris Voorn and more. Seriously, that’s only some of them. I haven’t even mentioned Sasha or Patrice Baumel. Needless to say, it’s worth looking into.

Here’s an older vid from Extrema 2016, with Carl Cox behind the decks. The crowd is super intimate, and barely any cell phones are out. It’s a rare sight, but a welcome one. A mature crowd is a proper Techno crowd.

It’s hard to believe more hasn’t been said about Extrema, but perhaps that’s a good thing. Though I missed out this year, without a doubt, this is a festival going on my wish list for next year!

Check out the official 2018 after movie, here.