Pep & Rash are a duo hailing from Goes, Holland. As far as “making it goes”, these two have already climbed pretty high, with several of their tracks achieving fame. One of their biggest hits to date, ‘Rumors’, has over 2 million plays on Soundcloud. It’s safe to say that these guys have found their niche in the massive EDM industry.

Pep & Rash describe their sound as “groovy, funky and sexy, but still accessible to everyone”. Their signature sound is what has established them, and has received praise by many of the big EDM names, including Hardwell, who coins their sound “House with balls”. Indeed it is with this style that they keep things fresh, sometimes throwing in some Latin, sometimes a bit of a garage sound, but their formula never fails, and delivers awesome and refreshing House music at every turn.

Recently, the two have reached new levels of fame. Having played at many of the world’s greatest festivals, as well as the magical Island of Ibiza, they have gotten way more than a taste of what it means to be a DJ in the EDM scene. The industry has taught them however:

“That even if you got songs in the charts and on the radio, you have to keep on working on your artist profile. Every day there’s new talent coming up, so you have to stay different then all the others and create something unique.”

Keep watching Pep & Rash, as they’ve got lots of creative projects on the way, including their latest works with Shermanology titled ‘Sugar’, which will be available October 5th, as well as a new remix of a Hardwell track! You can always expect something fresh and exciting from the boys from Goes.