Summer has arrived! For some, it means no school and relaxation. For EDM, it means festival season! This summer has so much more in store for EDM lovers, with tons of changes, new music and new regulations. Any veteran raver will be going in to this summer prepared; this guide however, is for the new comers. These tips should help you get settled into the EDM lifestyle.

Wear something fun. Someone new to the festival experience may feel out of place, but they’re not! The beauty of festivals and EDM is everyone belongs. Wear something interesting, like a quirky hat, or shiny boots. It becomes much easier to meet people once you step outside of your shell. The latest trends have been flower headbands and Indian headdresses, so those work too if you’d like, but remember the more you stand out the more fun it can be!

Stay off your phone. Raves and festivals are all about the moment. We all want to capture moments on film so we can have them forever, but keep the filming and pictures to a minimum. The more time you spend off your phone, the more time you can spend truly feeling the music, and reacting to the energy of the crowd you’re in.

Stay hydrated. Always keep a water bottle on hand. Once you purchase one inside, hold on to it. Most festivals have water bottle refill stations. Use these to your advantage! Don’t waste money on more water bottles when the one will do. The lines are generally very short too.

Let loose. Festivals are great to relieve stress. Drop all your social barriers when you walk through those gates and be yourself. Dance however you like, no one will judge you. Some may even react to you and dance with you, you never know.

Establish a meeting point with friends. Chances are, the festival you’re at will have bad cell phone reception due to the sheer amount of people there. If you get separated, there’s really no reason to panic. Establish a meeting point. The water bottle refill stations, or the nearest bar is always an easy one. In increments of one hour, if someone is missing, always meet at that location. If you’re a larger group, just partner up and never go somewhere alone.

Lines are for socializing. A break from dancing is in order once in a while. Use this time to use the restrooms, refill water bottles, grab a quick bite if you’d like or simply sit for a bit. Most of the time there will be lines. Make friends in the lines to pass the time. You never know who you’ll meet.

Arrive Early. Festival tickets are costing more and more with each passing year. Get your money’s worth by showing up early. Explore the grounds, see where everything is at so you won’t miss anything later on.

Lastly. Go there with an open mind. You’ve never experienced this before, and chances are it won’t be what you expect.

Festivals this season will be the best the EDM world has seen, so prepare yourselves for a wild summer to remember.