The last time we featured a Brazilian DJ it happened to be our very first post in our Discovery section. With as much musical talent as the country holds, you would imagine we’d have to come back to it eventually, and we have. Today we bring to you an ingenious producer who’s planted his seeds of success, rooted himself into the industry and can now finally enjoy the fruits of his labor.

He goes by the name of Lucian Castro but you might be more familiar with his stage name, Fractal System. Coming from the heart of São Paulo, Lucian has been involved with electronic music for the better part of his life in turn introducing his Fractal System alias roughly seven years ago. In this time, he has developed a stand-out brand of electronic music; sometimes drawing inspirations from a Housier type of sound, other times playing and creating with more Techno in mind.

That said, rounding it all up into one or two branches of music would simply be impossible. In listening to the electronic music Fractal System’s makes, you might come across a number of different elements, sometimes more vivid, sometimes under layers — yet all the time present. In addition, a notable highlight in his productions would be his vocal sampling. Whether it be simple noises or actual lyrics, every voicing selection seems to be an irreplaceable cog in the grand structures that are his songs. They not only compliment but at times shine even brighter than all other aspects on the piece of music they are attached to. Putting his own music aside, Fractal System maintains not one but two independent record labels called “Mix Feed” & “Zero Eleven Music”. Both are notoriously known for cultivating incredibly exceptional talents in genres ranging from Lounge to Garage to Techno to Deep House with that list continuously growing.


Now where might one be able to catch Fractal System play? Sadly enough, he is currently tied down to the ins and outs of Brazil’s top clubs, recently playing at DJ Mag‘s number 1 voted club in the world, Green Valley for instance. That said, he is extremely open to the idea of leaving the country in search of bigger stages and brighter lights, hoping that one day he’ll be able to play for all sorts of people across the world.


With that in mind, it seems as though he has taken all the right steps in making a name for himself in an otherwise rapidly expanding market. With a fleet of prospering artists linked to his imprints along with his own sound and direction constantly forwarding, there is no end in sight for Mr. Lucian Castro.

Give Mix Feed & Zero Eleven Music a look as well as Fractal System’s Facebook & SoundCloud pages for the latest in his take on proper music.