Chris Avantgarde’s resume just keeps growing and growing. Somewhere between discovering the world’s most intriguing young musicians and establishing a cutting-edge record label, he found the time to create a piece of music of his own. The song, “Freedom”, to which he graciously shared with the people over at SIZE Records is set to release today. Oh, and it’s a bomb.

We tend to fall into the trends of the scene, the what’s hots and the what’s nots. Thus far, 2015 has shown us that there is more to music than what meets the eye. In that process we’ve been introduced to a variety of new genres; Tropical House, Future House, Carnival House, Deep House along with a slew of other variants. Although the emergence of new types of music is welcomed, we must not forget a fore-founding genre, one that stood the test of time.

Yes, chalk one up for Progressive House. Freedom unleashes itself to such an extent that it pushes us to revisit a genre overshadowed by flagrant gimmicks. It’s melodic buildup is monumental; containing a set of rolling drums that eventually collide into uplifting synths. Although foreshadowed, Freedom’s drop emits nothing but power. Between it and the second one, there lies a bridge of sound with no submission of energy whatsoever. To cap it all off, Chris’s choice for a vocal snippet is a memorable one — leaving listeners with the little voice that chants “Freedom” stuck in their heads.

A huge release for SIZE, Chris Avantgarde, Progressive House and above all, us, the dance music community. Go ahead and support the tune wherever purchasable!