Experiencing a twelve-hour long party, the legendary full-moon event from Thailand will move to Spain specifically to Hierbabuena Beach (Barbate, Cádiz) on August 25th 2018.

According to the press kit: “The moon and its different cycles has been an endless source of fascination since the first days of humanity. Our ancestors put this satellite in the center of their devotion and never stopped celebrating its existence. Today it could seem that this tight bond would have been blurred but the truth is that it´s unbreakable as the Full Moon Party proves.Born in 1988 spontaneously by a small group of tourists in the Thailand island of Koh Phangan this celebration has become since then one of the most legendary and known parties in the Asian country. More than 30.000 people congregate every full moon on the beach to discover and experiment that primitive connection with the satellite. Now, for the first time in its history the Full Moon Party and its symbolic meaning arrives to Spain.”


Dance music legends, Nicole moudaber, Technasia, Cuartero and Dennis Cruz will be taking part of this excellent line-up.