Oscar L is a known name in Tech House industry and is recognized globally as well. Once upon a time though, Oscar L was a small time name out of Madrid in Spain. It’s been roughly 20 years of mixing and DJing.

“This is my principal inspiration to create new groove and tracks, and of course when I’m playing I’m trying to figure out what kind of sounds needs the crowd.”

Having been in the scene for so long, Oscar knows his ups and downs.With his first track out 16 years ago, there are few that can say they truly understand the ins and outs of studio life as much as him. His productions have included so many genres, that he doesn’t like to tag or label any of them. For him, it’s only about good music. If we had to put a name on it though, his music falls into the Tech House category.

With so much experience, Oscar has been all over the world, and has played at some of the world’s premiere nightclubs. From BPM in Mexico, Mystic Garden festival in Amsterdam, to Partai Venezuela, this man has truly seen it all. His next show is at a new club, Modu in Athens, and then off to Spain for awhile, and capping the globetrotting off with an important show at South American festival ‘Soul Tech’ on November 5th so be sure to catch him if you’re near these regions!

“When I’m playing I’m trying to have fun, then I want to transmit this feeling to that people who is dancing around me! I like to play good music, deep, techno, house, in my sets always I’m playing some classic tracks.”

You’d think by now Oscar L has done it all, but he still has some interesting plans up his sleeve. For some time he’s been thinking of releasing an EP. With several labels in mind, the choices are being narrowed as he decides where and how he will put out this new music. From listening to some of his recent stuff, you’re able to see how groovy and deep he takes things.

We anxiously await this coming EP, sometime before the year ends!

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