It’s been ages since Horje Hewek & Izhevski put something out for All Day I Dream, but finally we’ve got something we can really sink our teeth into. L’Eternite: Vechnost is a 2 track EP, with 2 ambient melodic tracks.

The first, on the A side, is Secret. Featuring the smooth, soothing vocals of Peter Broderick, this dreamy track plays out like a lullaby, gliding along paired with Broderick’s vocals. The long and ambient interlude leads to a nice finale. The A side of the record also comes with an instrumental version of ‘Secret’, a nice addition for those who prefer the melody without the vocals.

Track number 2 is l’Eternite / Vechnost. This track is pure ADID material. It’s synthy and swoopy, with lots of ambience. But my favorite part about this track is the beat in the background. It’s consistent, with just a touch of power to it, making the track very easy to dance to.

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