The world’s greatest electronic music producers often come from the same area: Northern Europe. This time, we have a producer who’s not from Holland or Sweden, but Helsinki in Finland. Introducing Erkka. A veteran to production and electronic music, he has been in the scene for almost 17 years. Although more focused on making music, Errka has performed at some great places, including the famous Ministry of Sound and Brixton Academy.

Erkka has just released an EP under Anjuna Deep (Museme EP), as well a guest mix this summer on Above & Beyond’s popular podcast, Group Therapy. Open to all genres, Erkka finds his tracks mostly fall somewhere in between Deep House and Techno.

“In the end when you have a somewhat finished piece of music, you can decide what to do with it. Good music is worth making, no matter what the style is.”

Listen to some of Erkka’s tracks, and it will be easy to see the effort he puts into his production. With all the sounds crisp and sharp, and genres blended together, he creates some unique groovy vibes. His tip is to let inspiration guide him, not filtering out ideas and just think about the project.

Discover Erkka and look for some new work from him, as well as some future gigs as well!