Erik Hagleton fell in love with producing music and especially DJing when he was growing up. He realized the potential of House music with all the emotions it delivers to the audience. When he was a teenager, Erik would sneak into clubs and often be left in absolute awe of the DJ. Since his teenage years, the intimate journey of a club venue sparked his creative desire to become involved in the music scene.

Erik grew up in a special time for dance music. The industry had begun to bloom, with legends like Daft Punk, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier and Armand Van Helden inspiring all those born in the 90s who sought the producer life, including Erik Hagleton.

“These days it seems like you are put into 2 baskets, commercial or underground, 2 opposite ends of the spectrum. I think my music is more what I call “Happy Underground” which is a combination of the two”

Music production has been a part of his life for 15 years now, over the course of which he has mastered producing Tech House and groovy House. Lots of his releases include bootlegs and

“At the moment I’m really into groovy timeless tracks and have been pushing for a revival of the happy house music era of the 2000’s combined with my own deep house style, which I call “Happy Underground”

Along with his solid production skills, Erik has played at some hot spots around the world, including Pacha Ibiza and Barcelona, Marquee New York, Nouveau Casino Paris and Audio San Francisco just to name a few. His future performances are set in Europe and the USA right before the beginning of Ibiza season, as well as a residency at Café Mambo. He’s also really looking forward to playing at Paris By Night (Pacha Ibiza) by one of his inspirations, Bob Sinclair (with whom he maintains a close relationship with).

Since the 90s, Erik Hagleton has been playing Tech House, with a groovy style on to it. At this stage in his career, its safe to say he’s mastered the style, and can always succeed to bring energy and excitement to the dancefloor.

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