The Mediterranean is an exceptional place to be inspired. Such is true for Mazzix, a producer from Alexandria looking to make a statement with his music. Originally inspired by Hip-Hop back in 2008, he became enticed into producing electronic music from the likes of Eric Prydz, deadmau5, and the Swedish House Mafia, when they released their legendary track, ‘One’. And so, feeling inspired, Mazzix began to produce.

“most of it sounded like the trending music everywhere, the trend which Swedish House Mafia created. I didn’t like that because I felt that I am not creating anything, I am just copying the styles of other people.
So I had to build something different with a different style, a different mood. I had to bring my mind and myself to build my own vision in what I am doing”.

Searching for more creativity, as well as a place he could imprint his name, Mazzix drew further inspiration from his two idols, Steve Angello and famous composer Hans Zimmer. He calls it a sort of “cinematic electro groove”, and he quickly found out that others like Chris Avantgarde and Justin Luke were on a similar path, leading him to further motivation .

Most of his time is spent in production. Egypt is a tough market for electronic music. The crowd is simply interested in having a good time, rather than appreciating the music, and so Mazzix bides his time, working on his style and perfecting his sound. Instead of DJing, he is preparing for the launch of his new podcast, titled ‘Between Worlds’, as well as his new track titled ‘ACE’, released under Bearsin Records.

Stay posted for more on Mazzix as he works on perfecting his music in a tough market, and has learnt that patience is indeed a virtue he’s willing to bet on.