Mydo comes from the coastal city of Helsingborg, in Sweden. With all the hype and magic that comes out of Sweden, it was only natural for him to become completely enveloped in the scene. While growing, Mydo and his friends really got into going to festivals and clubs, and seeing some of the greats perform before they became the legends they are today. Mydo hopes to one day be up there with them.

For 7 years he’s been producing what he calls up tempo House music. A lot of it would even fall under the category ‘Pop’. His uplifting tunes bring tons of good energy to the festival dance floor. His style has been brought to clubs all over Europe, as well as a few shows he’s done in the U.S. in the past. Some of his favorite performances have been at ADE Amsterdam, and the W Hotel in Miami. He’s also played at some local festivals in Sweden, alongside other locals.

His recent track release under Revealed, and another on Code Red have really bumped up his real estate. His track ‘Push’ under Revealed, achieved over 150 thousand listens on Soundcloud, and his success has only escalated since then!  Be sure to follow Mydo on all his socials and keep up with his fun style.

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