The House music scene in Brazil has been growing and growing for several years. It is within this massive EDM wave in Brazil where Pablo Henriques emerged. Pablo is a veteran to the scene, having been producing music since before the EDM culture in 2007. Professionally, his production skills have been put to use starting in 2013, when he began a duo called 2Live. 

2Live was Pablo Henriques first big step into the world of music and DJing. The duo earned some major gigs at nightclubs around Brazil such as Pepper’s Hall and S7ven, fulfilling a goal and dream of bringing good music and performance to the public. For him, his live performances are what matter most. “I have been trying to do unique music and an intense live show, this way I’m always playing my own tracks and mashups, it makes the concert an unique experience. In every single concert there are secret weapons and unreleased material from me and from artists around the world”.

Lately, Pablo has turned his focus to his solo career, and targeting big name labels such as DIEM Records in an effort to get some more exposure. ”I have been working hard and this year will be a big year of productions, there are a lot of tracks coming up”. His foray into his solo career has taught him a lot.When he began, his focus was around Bigroom House, going with the styles and genres which were growing at a rapid pace in the Brazil scene. With time however, Pablo has learned that it isn’t what you play but how you play it. With his experience and his production level, it shouldn’t be very hard for him to get his name on the map.