When Toronto native Weska began his foray into the music world as a DJ years ago, production was not even a thought in his mind. His life revolved around spinning music and performing. Eventually, during a semester in university, he picked up the Logic Digital Audio Workstation, and began using it frequently after he graduated. Working hard, and with Swedish inspirations such as Steve Angello, Adam Beyer and Eric Prydz, he began to develop his own style and sound. Today, he works out of Berlin, in (arguably) the heart of Techno in Europe.

So what is his style? Weska calls it dance music, but there’s clear influences all across the music spectrum. His tracks feature heavy banging kicks and bass, which draw from Techno and Tech House genres, combined with many sweeping synths, which echo from the Prydz-esque Progressive genre. His tracks are refreshing, upbeat, and uniquely accessible, especially for those that might not be too familiar with the Techno genre. This in turn makes his style highly desirable, and it shows with his growing fan base. He’s performed at some great international venues including  Hi Ibiza, Creamfieds UK, Sysiphos Berlin, ZigZag Paris and the beloved Coda in Toronto.

Recently, Weska had the privilege of opening for Eric Prydz in Toronto. This gig translated into a residency at Hï Ibiza during Pryda’s Tuesday night shows. This opportunity has only opened up more gigs for him, as he’s followed him at Creamfields, all the while developing his style and sound, and bringing it to a larger scope.

Coming off his new 4 track ‘Voyage’ EP under Kraftek music, Weska is looking and feeling pretty hot right now. The EP features stylistic Techno music, and has been receiving incredible attention from Techno superstars including Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Pan-Pot and Monika Kruse!

With his name being skyrocketed into the international market, Weska is very quickly proving that he can create music at a professional, AAA level.

Be sure to follow Weska on all his socials, and track his progress. If you follow names such as Adam Beyer or Joseph Capriati, you’re bound to hear his work. If that’s the case, best to follow the music from the source. It all starts with a follow on these socials below!

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