Flux Pavilion is widely credited as one of the essential DJs to popularize Dubstep. His works have spanned multiple genres and included a wide variety of artists, from Hip-Hop to Electro. With his tour stopping in Montreal, SoundandNoize took the opportunity to ask him a couple questions, and pick his brain on the Dubstep scene and his personal life.

1)You’ve really broadened out from Dubstep and into Electro. You also have a history in Drum and Bass. Are there any genres that you’re looking to tackle next?

I try not to look at different music as genres really. When I produce music a track, I’m not trying to produce it within that genre, they just sort of fall in to place into that. Let’s say I write a track at 140 bpm. What I like to do is slow it down at every tempo, 100, 110, 120, and I see how it sounds at each level. One of them is always better. But the genre that really calls to me is Dubstep. Expect some 140 from me soon. 

2)What would you say is the highlight of your career?

The main goal I ever wanted to achieve was to have a track on vinyl. I think that happened around 2008. That’s all I ever wanted. After that, everything else was just pretty cool. 

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3)Some producers take only a few days to make tracks, whereas others take years. What’s the production like with you for building a track?

A lot of the time, its based around the studio. If I wanted I could get a song finished in a couple of days, or a week or two. With this album though, I know it’s going to be awhile before its released, so what I do is I sort of “half-write” them. Some of the ideas on the record are about a year and a half old, and they sort of come together within a week or so. 

4)What do you think you wouldn’ve done if you hadn’t pursued music?

Well I used to work in a cafe, cooking breakfasts, and I really enjoy doing that so yeah. I think I’d be cooking people breakfasts.

5)Who’s the hottest DJ right now in the scene?

It’s less of one DJ and more of like a crew. There’s this new sound coming from this group, like Discord, Lax, Snails, LOUDPVCK. This sort of new wave, it feels like a bunch of people who don’t really have any boundaries and who don’t really care and just do what they want. Which is how it was like back when myself, Doctor P, Datsik and Excision started out.