Highly Sedated, an electronica band from Sweden, signed with Size Records back in 2015 and after introducing themselves with four singles in the past two years, they have officially released their debut album titled, “All We Have Is Now.” I spoke to the group about the new album, their first meeting with Steve, their musical influences, and more.

1. What is the meaning behind the album title “All We Have Is Now” and what kind of story did you want to tell?

We wanted to give our first album a meaningful title so we took a line from the song “Now” and All we have is Now really is what life is about. You can’t live at all if you can’t live fully now.

2. How did you meet Steve? What was his initial reaction when he first heard your music?

Hannes works with Steve since a few years back and follows him on tours as part of his creative team. When we had first made a couple of songs, Hannes played a few tracks thundering around in with Steve in his car in Los Angeles, and Steve loved it so much he signed us straight away!

3. Who are your musical influences?

A wide variety since we are five guys from all very musical backgrounds. To name a few; Pink Floyd, Wu Tang Clan, Apex Twins, Underworld, The Doors, Sam Cooke. The list could be made very long!

4. From my personal standpoint, “Slip Away” is my favorite track on the album. Can you explain the story and elements behind the track?

We couldn’t agree more, we think it’s a real gem on the album, with slip away the lyrics portray in an almost filmic way a narrative of today’s social and geopolitical climate. It’s all gone a bit wrong with the entire western world almost like in the Thatcher era. Slip Away almost acts as our commentary on society today. Beat wise it takes a stab at it all since you just dance it all away, and escape. Even if it’s just for a few minutes.

5.  Can you name one or a few artists you would like to collaborate with, past or present, and why?

Michael Jackson or Jim Morrison would be fantastic, two different genres and it would be amazing to see what would happen with their creativity together with us. Two pure raw legendary talents.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, congrats on the new album, and we wish you the best!

Thank you so much for having us! Much love from Sebastian, Verner, Hannes, Patrick, and Leonas.