Jay Lumen is known for his trippy, dark and groovy Techno – it’s some of the best in the industry. Today he’s got a new brief EP released under Footwork.

Trust is a 2-track EP with 2 solid bangers guaranteed to turn things up a few notches into a set. Check them out below.

Trust is the first track. It’s the classic trippy, exotic Jay Lumen sound, with a high octane drum rhythm and some added samples to make things heavy. There’s some really cool break downs in this track that seperate itself from some of Lumen’s other works, which I love.

Track 2 is Detection, and it picks up right where Trust left off, but with a different angle. The energy builds in the first act to release the psychadelic beat of the second half. Great as a track in the middle of a set to kick things up a notch.

Both these tracks are classic Jay Lumen, guaranteed to bring lots of energy to any set, especially one that’s moving well into the early morning!

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