As the entire world already knows by now, Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix have been spotted partying together, and just hanging out. The two superstars can be considered pioneers in their respective music genres, and have carved paths in the industry that so few are able to. What else do they have in common aside from their youth and talent? They’re also managed by mastermind┬átalent manager Scooter Braun.

Martin Garrix has been making lots of news lately as well, the biggest being his self-termination of his Spinnin’ Records contract, in a move which appears to reveal his desire to make exactly the kind of music he wants, without a studio in the way to control things. His music has also had collabs with people outside of the EDM scene, specifically Usher, so a collab with Justin Bieber, who has already made one with Jack U (receiving insane amounts of praise and critique), is not out of the question.

In fact, a collab with Justin may be what Garrix needs. The track will no doubt be a monster hit first off, but secondly, it will receive the same amount of coverage that Jack U’s collab had, if not more. From a business stand point, it would be wise for both parties to collab. As a side note, it would be really cool seeing these future legends make a hit together as well!

What do you think?