Anyone who’s been following Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Radio is no stranger to Layton Giordani’s tracks. Within the past several months, his tracks have been featured on the podcast and in many Drumcode artists’ sets. Giordani’s 12 track album, ‘Where It Begins’ has just been dropped under Drumcode Records, and it’s everything we want.

This fantastic album features some tracks already very famous to Drumcode and Techno fans, including the long anticipated melodic Turn It Around,  and the heavy hitting Where It Begins.

What’s so fantastic about the New York native’s style is his perfect combination of melodic tracks, with that raw techno sound. Tracks such as Tigerlilly and Euphoria have trancey aspects to them, providing a different dynamic to his heavy hitting sound. These tracks step away from the hard thumping groove, leaving you in a state of euphoria, wonder and mystery until he drops everything  to bring it back to that raw techno sound.

A lot needs to be said about the percussion used in the album. There are so many small things going on in these tracks, each making up small stories within the larger journey of the track. These sounds leave and come back, creating familiar and comfortable feelings while listening.

Layton Giordani’s ‘Where It Begins’ is some of his finest work. With such a diverse selection of tracks, the only issue I have with it is my inability to pick a favorite.