UK (glorious St. Helens) native Dale Howard has been involved with music production for over 12 years now. It all began in University, where he played around and experimented with DJing. Back then, getting a gig really depended on who you knew. Dale Howard unfortunately, didn’t know anyone who could hook up a DJing gig for him. What he did know though, was that good music could also get him good gigs. This was how he began to study the art of producing.

“I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing for the first few years though. Took me a while to be able to put things down coherently”.


Practice made perfect for Howard in the end. After playing around and mastering the complexities of digital audio workstations, he began to put out significant House music. His style today bounces between House and Tech House, based off his mood or what he’s feeling. Labels

His work has paid off, having performed at shows such as Amsterdam Open Air, Space, Watergate, DGTL, Ministry Of Sound, Elrow, and Sankeys. Though he loves to play in his home country, he’s fortunate to travel a lot and bring his classic/jacking sound to the international scene. Currently he’s wrapping up a tour in South America, before returning to Europe to play in Spain and then the UK. Dale Howard has had a lot of personal achievements that he’s reached, but he believes his best is yet to come.

And so, just like he initially set out for, Dale Howard has let his music do the talking.

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