Born and bred in Lancashire, UK, Mark and Mickey grew together, trained together, and developed their sound together. With an early influence through Pete Tong’s Friday night radio shows, Mark and Mickey Horsey knew their calling was in dance music.

Their early foray into House music was met with mixed success, however in 2014, under a new moniker, the Vibe Killer brothers began to establish their name in the House music industry.

“We grew up in an era when you could just DJ and that’s it”

Pete Tong’s shows opened up their eyes to House music. They began to perfect their craft and figure out what kind of style they could bring to the table together. Their first show took place within their home town at a little club called Fushion in Burnley, where they mixed amidst their neighbors and the local crowd. Fast forward to today, and the two brothers have been lucky enough to have performed at some of the world’s premier dance clubs, including Ministry of Sound and Space Ibiza. Dance music lovers fortunate enough to catch their international shows will be treated with rare mixes; some tracks coming from their personal, and ever-growing vinyl collection.

As DJs, the Vibe Killers learned that production would eventually become a factor into their lives. With so much talent behind deck, it’s no surprise to their skill in studio. Their first release took place on vinyl in 2012, but since then they’ve had some incredible releases under studio labels such as Knee Deep In Sound, Hottrax, Elrow and Solâ. Their unique take on House and Tech House stands out completely from the scene which has largely evolved into a similar style. So much so, that Jamie Jones had signed 2 of their tracks for an EP some years ago.

The Vibe Killers are closing up a busy year, and ready to start the next with fire. Tons of gigs down the pipeline, with many tracks under labels Material, Hottrax and Lost Records. They’ve also got a new label in the works, Star Cycling Club, which they are in the process of finalizing. The preparations will come to a close right in time to celebrate the holidays with their families, but with the new year, will come a new focus.

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