It only takes one big break to change everything. One big break is what we believe was given to a 20 year French old funk producer who goes by the name of Vantage. He, along with his song’s editor, Antoine Delvig, have caught the eye of one of dance music’s hottest commodities. Their song, titled “Like I Like It” aired on Heldeep Radio’s 55th episode owned by you guessed, Oliver Heldens.

What can only be described as a demo-giver’s dream come true; the collaboration between these two from Lyon (of who we assume to be friends with one another) has reached the masses, in turn breathing life into a dance scene in need of it. The Like I Like It edit oozes groove, fitting perfectly within a Nu Disco genre of which the French are famous for. If it’s woozing strings and echoing vocal snip didn’t sell you, it’s seemingly Daft Punk inspired breakdown surely will.

And although that seems like a tall comparison to make, you would truly need to hear it for yourself in order to see the correlation. Who’s to say these two guys don’t go on to make it huge, after all, it only takes one big break to change everything remember?

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