Lolo Knows is a radio show created for the purpose of featuring local and international rising producers and DJs in the electronic music scene. Featured every Tuesday as a part of iHeart radio, Lolo focuses on rising talent as well as all things EDM during her show.

Why did you start your radio show?

It was destined from long ago since I was given my nickname, Lolo, many years ago from a neighborhood friend and currently an accomplished music producer in NYC. I believe there is a map and you just need to connect the dots in order to find what that purpose is. Mine so happens to be to teach and to create. I got my Communications degree and focussed in Broadcast Journalism and then life took over. I became a mom and that became my life for now 21 years, lovingly, willingly, and gratefully. I knew that one day that what was destined for me,  would call out to me and it did. Lolo Knows is a name coined by my friend Gyll Carter aka DJ 417. She would always say, Lolo Knows and others were convinced as well by my wisdom, my life lessons and the love that I got to know not only within myself but with the music that connected me to it which has followed me throughout my journey.

Why did you get involved with EDM?

I’ll never forget the early 90s when I was heavily dancing and doing some shows at that time for some folks in the music business who were on tour. One of the dancers was listening to the Jungle Brothers, “I’ll House You” and I will never forget the connection I felt and how my body felt dancing to it especially coming from a Hip Hop background. Ten years later, in 2002, my best friend from Baltimore who I was visiting for my birthday had a house party for me and she was banging Kaskade’s “Sweet Love”  which connected me to the unity and love I felt for all of these friends, some of mine and some I was meeting for the first time, that made me feel as though they knew and loved me forever. It was the best first high I have ever felt and since then, dance music became my everyday music and I knew one day that this music was going to play a big part in my future. In 2013, I was doing this internet radio show with my girl, Cali Miles. She didn’t have much time to do the radio show she was hosting and thought it would be fun to produce some segments and get her show going good again. Since she was focused on promoting the club scene in which her and her fiance Bobby Champagne are a part of, I began booking local DJs and there’s the other dot. In short, this dot lead to what is now my own show, Lolo Knows.

At what age did you start listening to dance music?

I am Puerto Rican and Spaniard, so I have been technically listening to dance music since I was in my mother’s womb. LOL. I broke through three cribs because I danced so much. In short, my energy drove my mother nuts. I love a lot of genres of music, but if you want to get technical, I have to say after the Jungle Bothers, I was listening to the Godfather of House Music Frankie Knuckles and after him, everything else came, but it wasn’t until Kaskade in 2002 is when I went really deep and it became my life path.

What inspired you to open up Lolo Knows?

Two things inspired me: my voice and my eternal love of dance music. Whether I was at a club, after hour or WMC, I felt connections between spirits where there was no color, sex, or political party. It was what I always saw for mankind, PEACE. I was intrigued and felt why not incorporate this music that naturally gives people what the hippies have experienced back in the 60s and do a talk radio show with it that inspires, motivates and gives people the PLUR that they seek. There’s the final dot based on my life experiences, wisdom, love, and of course, music that followed me and you now have LOLO KNOWS.

How did you get on I Heart Radio?

You have to apply for I Heart Radio based on a certain number of shows and they need to like the content. I got rejected once and needed to tweak a couple of things and reapplied.  One day I woke up and the first email I looked at was my acceptance into the I Heart Radio platform. That was an amazing day, but what will top I Heart,  is XM Radio. That’s my goal.

Who do you feature on your show?

I feature local, regional, national and international DJs and Producers that I know are heading in the right direction in their careers based on their passion, work ethic and determination to succeed. Isn’t that the motivation we all seek? We are artists just sharing encouragement and inspiration whether you are a DJ or not. I just use the music as a powerful tool to drive my messages to the world. I also book folks from all walks of life that have messages of life to share. My energy is drawn to really good people and that’s whom I book. The world can use a lot more of us in it.

Where and when is your show?

My show studio is based out of Cleveland, Ohio. My current team is Jordan Zur, Senior Engineer who is one of the best sound engineers in the world. He tours on a regular basis with top name celebrity clients. My Junior Engineer and sidekick is Ashley Zur, who really helped me get this show started because she believed in it and me. Jordan supported with the studio and equipment and hence another dot into the birth of Lolo Knows. You can catch the show live on Tuesdays at 7pm on Our shows are archived on I Heart Radio, Spreaker and ITunes if you can’t catch the Tuesday live show.

Any exciting news for Lolo Knows?

Lolo Knows is ever evolving and I have a new Music Correspondent and Co-Host, Ricky Spanish who will be joining me on the show at least once a month for new music updates and he may rant. He’s very outspoken, real, and just fun. I had him on one show and people raved about Ricky. I am happy to have this collaboration with It’s very gratifying having a huge support like you guys. Taylor Rozenblat, Editor and Chief will also be joining in as an International Music Correspondent once a month on Lolo Knows. I am very happy she said yes.We are gearing up for some amazing summer shows beginning with my new co-host, Ricky Spanish and newly signed artist to DirtyBird and a friend, Shawn Q on Tuesday, June 9th at 7pm. He’s been making and dropping heavy baselines for a while with multiple Billboard Dance Chart #1’s, features on BBC Essential mixes, Productions, remixes, and VIP re-edits have been played by top dJs all over the world. You can follow his music here Having booked big name DJs like StoneBridge, who is a good friend and big support of mine and Kyle Geiger from Berlin, I now can add Blake Jarrell who will be on my show Saturday, June 27th which will be recorded and on I Heart Radio later that evening. This will be a two-part interview beginning with our live show on Tuesday, June 23rd on with Regional DJs, Jeff Ozmtz, Jayme Jay and Brian Blackbird.