Manuel and Pablo, the House South Brothers, are two guys with tons of chemistry and weapons in their repertoire. Together as their duo, they have produced music together for 4 years, but individually, Pablo has been DJing for 10 years where as Manuel has been making music his whole life. Together, they compliment each other and bring something special to Ibiza, where they’re based out of.

The beauty of the House South Brothers is their dedication to music as a whole.

We are not limited to only one music style,nowadays the music industry is a combination of different genres,styles and the fusion of those is the key to success.


Originally from Argentina, they made the move to the magical island of Ibiza where they now have a residency with famous nightclub Space Ibiza, where they’ve perform every summer for the past 5 years. Ibiza aside, the House South Brothers have toured over 27 countries, in festivals and clubs around the world. Arenal Sound Spain or their Latin American tour aside Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have been some of their most memorable.


The key to their success is their originality. Wherever they play, they know their audience and what tracks will work the most. Furthermore, they stick to lots of their own productions to keep things different.

[…] to be able to excite the fans,whether it be 100 or 50000 of them,that is what we love and our challenge in every show we play.

With the year coming to a close, the House South Brothers have a new track coming up, under the guided hand of Parlophone Records as well as a Latin tour this month, and a tour of Asia in December. Needless to say, Manuel and Pablo are busy! They also look to improve even more in 2016, adding more music and bringing more challenges and energy to their live shows.

Live on the stage is what makes you stand out.

No doubt they will stand out even more in the coming months! Keep an eye out for the House South Brothers, and be sure to see them live to witness two DJs who absolutely love the thrill of performing.