Max Vangeli has built himself a quality record label with NoFace Records, including productions of his own and from young talented producers on the rise. For Danny Ray, he’s released some quality productions on Size, Void, and Mixmash Records. After three years since their first collaboration, Max teams up with Danny for another production featuring sample vocals from legendary rock band, KISS. It’s available now on all platforms!

1. Was the plan to always sample ‘Made For Lovin’ You’ by Kiss or was it a last minute idea?

Max VangeliWell, a classic is a classic! It’ss always been on my mind but never thought we would be able to actually clear it! Glad it worked out.

Danny Ray: Nothing is ever planned actually, at least not when it comes to music. It just sort of just happened, we are both huge fans of KISS. It started out with the usual let’s see what happens, and sure enough we made a banger!

2. This is your first collaboration together since ‘Grim’ on Size Records in 2014. How long have you been working on this new track and why did the time seem right to work together again in 2017?

MaxDanny and I have always been close and honestly constantly planning things out together! So this time around we finally got around to something. We were traveling in Mexico together when I actually tested the rough and man oh man did it go off!

DannyMax and I have been working together non stop since then, it’s not always about music but other ventures as well. Staying on our toes is important :-D. You know, as always our tracks take about close to a year to shape up, it was a long process from the production stage, to the clearing sample stage, to making final adjustments stage. Grim also took about a year or so.

3. Who are some of your musical influences?

Max: Is it crazy to say KISS? haha But to be completely fair, its actually Queen! Queen has been my all time favorite by far!

Danny: This one here is tricky, there are so many! But if I had to pick only one, id have to say, Michael Jackson. That man had it all, the moves the talent and the women! 

4. Will you have new music released before the end of 2017 or is this the final release until 2018? Any EPs or albums planned?

MaxOh, that I will keep a little secret BUT with that said! We have a ton coming still! So just keep your eyes open.

DannyI have a ton of tracks that are ready to be released actually! Album is in the works, there’s about 30 different demos I have written for it. I just have to figure what is the best way to present who I am, musically. Tough decisions all around! However, things have been moving according to plan.

5. If there was an artist you could collaborate with, past or present, who would it be and why?

Max: Simple! Prodigy! The ultimate legends. One of the all-time best innovators. “Fat of the Land” is probably my ALL time fave electronic album!

Danny: Quincy Jones, baby! That man is a LEGEND! There is just so much intellect and emotion in his work, it’s hard not to want to work with that guy. Even if I could spend a session in the studio and just observe, it would be such an honor!