Mickael Agarla aka Maga is a French producer and Dj known for his melodic, atmospheric hybrid sets, residency at Woomoon Ibiza 2018, nomination for Uprising Artist 2018 at Ibiza Dj Awards and many releases on labels such as Klassified Records, Stil vor Talent, Sol Selectas and more. In this interview Maga elaborates on his inspirations, exciting future projects and gives advice to aspiring musicians in the industry.

Tell us how you started your musical journey? Were you always keen on music since you were a kid or you got this passion later on in life?

I’ve started about 7 years ago. I used to run a club in Cape Town and the resident DJ taught me how to put 2 records together. Since then, I haven’t stopped.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you do?

That’s a thought I can’t imagine, but I’ll reverse the question and ask what life will be without music.

You have been working on some new music in the studio from the looks of your social media. What are you currently working on? New EPs or maybe an album?

Yes, I’m currently working on an album which is composed of 10 tracks, can’t say more at this time as I am still in the midst of building this exceptional project.

When you work on new music where do you find inspiration? In other words, what influences your sound most?

In terms of musical inspiration, I like to listen to various genres of music. Within every category of music, I have found a level of inspiration. Much of the music I have been producing has been a product of my intuition and what I hear in my head as I am articulating and generating each note. The sounds are filled with emotions that I have released through blending sounds and recordings I capture myself. If I am stuck on one project, I simply stop and work on something else and at a later time will come back to it with a clear mind.

How do you manage your touring life? What keeps you in balance with nightlife lifestyle?

Life on tour can be very tricky and somehow I have realized in the past year that the best way of making any tour successful is knowing when to take a break in order to relinquish the energy you have lost on the way, balance is the key. The balance and calm for me comes during my weekdays back home in Amsterdam.

What advice would you give all aspiring musicians/DJs who want to achieve success in the industry?

Working hard is the only way to achieve success in this highly competitive industry. I always try to keep on learning things that I am not so familiar with. Remember one thing that is the ultimate lesson for anyone out there, nothing is impossible and you can do it and get where you want to be if you really want it.

What are some exciting projects to expect from you in 2019?

This year, there are a lot of exciting projects coming out. One I am most excited to introduce is the new album in the making, a very special remix of a track called E Na Passion from Birds of Mind. In May, I will
return to the very special venue near Amsterdam by Bloemendaal at Woodstock for The Dunes of Babylon. The Dunes of Babylon is where I played over 2.5 years ago and has been one of the ultimate highlights of my career. Some major dates that may already be locked can be: Fusion, Garbitz, The Gardens of Babylon and of course my yearly return to Woomoon.