Magic Sword, the latest name that has been floating around in the music industry, just released their highly anticipated ‘Legend’ EP on Steve Angello’s record label, Size Records. If you haven’t heard before, Steve Angello is attracted to artists who like to tell stories through their music and that’s what Magic Sword is all about. A project combined with a music producer and comic illustrator, the anonymous duo is looking to combine the power of music and comics to tell the story of Magic Sword – a weapon of infinite power left to be guarded by an enigmatic character named The Keeper. After releasing their debut album ‘Volume One’ in 2012 along with a comic book to go with it, Magic Sword is teaming up with Size Records to follow up on their album through episodic EPs scheduled to release throughout 2016. The Legend three-track EP lists Legend of the Keeper, Uprising, and The Curse. You can purchase it now on iTunes and let us know what you think about it.