New York. Known for it’s bustling financial industries and nightlife. Within this wild metropolis was where Steve Powers figured out his future in DJing and producing. Growing up listening to some incredible artists, names outside of the electronic dance music genre such as Axl Rose (Guns N’ Roses), Jim Morrison (The Doors) and Biggie. These names taught him the importance of expression. Like them, this is how he sees music today.

“If you leave the studio not liking something, you shouldn’t force it”

Steve Powers is recognized for his “drummy” tribal music and his crossover Electro Pop, but he also has been dabbling in Pop and Rock music. He’s been producing for 9 years, so he’s very familiar with all stages of producing music. Regardless of what he makes, he wants it to come from the heart, because that’s when he’s most productive, and when his music is best. What separates him from others is the quality of his music. The amount of time and passion he puts into his music is evident, and makes for a unique listening experience.

“Its something I’ve always wanted to focus on and make from the heart because to me what’s been coming out is a lot of soulless, replaceable music.”

This summer will be a busy one for him. He has a monthly residency at Light & Daylight, a wild Vegas party. He’s also got shows planned in major cities such as Houston, Miami, Madrid and Atlantic City. More are being booked every month. His website is the best place to keep track . His music is clearly in demand, and his style suits the needs of the crowd.

Be sure to check out Steve Powers on his SoundCloud, or his website for all other info!