With EDM under the microscope come the many criticisms and opinions that follow anything that becomes hugely popular. One such criticism is the view of the EDM industry, and electronic music production in general as a business more than an art form. With most popular EDM genres criticised for having ‘ghost producers’ and simply music being tailored more for the festival scene rather than for personal enjoyment, the argument has a clear case to make.

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Martin Garrix, arguably one of the biggest names in the industry, has taken a huge step towards restoring faith in the ideology that music is indeed an art form first, business second. His latest Instagram post is a long read, and could be found here. In the caption, he is addressing and confirming the latest rumours going about. To summarize, he has relinquished his agreement/contract with superlabel Spinnin’ Records, due to “a difference in opinion between us regarding the reasonableness of the agreements”. He later explains in depth how he attempted to restore ownership of his music under his name, only to fail, resulting in his self- termination of his contract.

Martin Garrix ends with a note explaining his future plans, including new tracks and a new “project”. Chances are, this new project is the opening of his own label, very much like Oliver Heldens has with Heldeep Records, which will allow him to pursue his passions and dictate the direction he wishes to proceed in. These are certainly interesting times for electronic music, and indeed for Martin Garrix, whose future endeavours will be watched very closely. With his work ethic however, there’s no doubt he will succeed in creating the music he wants.