By pushing the boundaries of how far his sound can go, Martin Solveig unravels his next release, a little something he calls “+1”. It seems the man won’t put out music unless he knows it will be an utter smash and by the looks of it, this one is no different.

In utilizing the same mold he used when creating “Intoxicated”, + 1 ensures it’s listeners a non-stop flush of dancable highs. The song holds a variety of sounds, building itself up with tropical-sounding synth work that falls into something slightly deeper all while consistently remaining upbeat. In true sing-along fashion, the totality of +1 is brought together by the crafty lyrics of Sam White.

Most would enlist +1 into the Future House genre, we just like to dub it as Martin Solveig. The Frenchman’s prowess is certainly felt at large, having bagged himself the spotlight on Pete Tong‘s essential selection at the beginning of last month. Yes, +1 was premiered to the world on the legendary MC’s weekly Radio 1 show, in turn opening the floodgates for practically every DJ in the world to lay their hands on the track.

You too can get your hands on it to as +1 is set to officially release on June 8th!