Through the roots of travel and culture, Sol Selects was born in NYC by Sabo experiencing different genres of music through his local parties. Through the evolution of music, Sabo branded his parties into a business which are nomadic, traveling through the middle east , Europe and all over America. Down below, the mastermind explains his creative side of dance music and art.

1) Where did you find the inspiration behind Sol Selectas?

Sol Selectas initially started as a name for a monthly party in Williamsburg Brooklyn back in 1999 with myself and my friend Eamon, playing deep soulful / latin / tribal house music. Once I started getting into production the name became my record label, and I was pressing 300 copies of white label vinyls, hand stamped with the name “Sol Selectas”. The sound progressed in various directions over the years until recently in 2015, when I met my fiancé Helia. At the time I had a clear idea of the music I wanted to release and push, and then she took over as the Art Director re-designing our image and cover art to coincide with the music. Inspiration comes from our travels around the World together, experiencing new cultures and foods, learning about local indigenous music traditions and their artwork, and just enjoying life and the diverse nature Mother Earth provides us. 

2) Best explain the concept behind the brand :

Sol Selectas represents our nomadic lifestyle of traveling, and attempting to learn about various cultures and their roots in music, food and art. We want to break down all political borders and differences among humans, by uniting them on the dancefloor, creating moments of positive intention, hopefully for them to share in their communities as well. 

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3) What influenced your taste in sound and style when creating this middle eastern vibe?

Helia is born and raised in Iran, so she has had a big influence on me of course, but even before we met I’ve been intrigued by music from various parts of the World, wether it be Africa, South America, Caribbean, and the Middle East. I’m particularly drawn to the percussion from each region, and how it seems all music is connected by drums.

4) Where did you grow up? Has music always been in your environment? 

I grew up outside of Philadelphia. Both my parents were really into jazz music, so early on I listened to a lot of the greats. They forced me to take piano lessons for 7 years – which as a kid I disliked – but now I’m forever grateful. And my Mom was in her high school jazz band as a vibraphone player, so I would hear her playing the vibes growing up as well. 

5) What are your future plans for Sol Selectas?

This summer we’re throwing showcase events in Mykonos, Istanbul, Cesme,and New York City, to celebrate the 4th year of our annual Summer Sol compilation. 

We have tons of incredible new music coming this year as EPs from artists like Raidho, Ali Kuru, Zakir, Dandara, Amentia, Goldcap, and more. These EPs feature stellar remixes from Satori, Kermesse, Timboletti, Noema, Kincaid, Klik and Frik, Elfenberg, and Arutani. And we are planning the 2nd edition of our SOLSAHARA experience for the Spring of next year. 

6) Any new tracks / collaborations / tour?

I just released an original track on Summer Sol IV called “Rise” on which I collaborated with 4 other artists: Aya, Bahramji, Toygun Hoze, and Haximum. After I finish my Summer Tour, there is Burning Man of course. And then I hope to finally get some studio time to finish up a bunch of collaborations I have in the works, and release them all as a mini album.

7) Where can your fans plan on seeing you this summer? Here’s my tour schedule so far: 

June 22 – Sanctuary – Rome Italy

June 25 – Sol Selectas Showcase – Scorpios Mykonos

June 29 – Private Event -Comporta – Portugal

July 3rd – Sol Selectas Showcase – Klein Instanbul

July 6th – Nomads Barcelona

July 9th – Horde Cruise – Paris France

July 12th – Bass Coast Festival Canada

July 13th – Multi Culti Stage -AIM Festival Montreal

July 14th – Do No Sit on Furniture – AIM Festival Montreal

July 20th – Mid Summer Nights – Moscow,Russia

July 23rd – Sol Selectas Showcase – Scorpios Mykonos

July 27th – Odin – Beirut, Lebanon

July 29th – Sol Selectas Showcase – Before Sunset, Cesme Turkey

Aug 2 – Hive Club – Zurich

Aug 4 – Untold Festival – Romania b2b Goldcap

Aug 9 – Shambhala Festival – Nelson Canada

Aug 11 – Beloved Festival – Oregon

Aug 18 – Sol Selectas Showcase – NYC

Aug 21 – Clinic Wednesdays LA 

Aug 25 – Sep 1 – Burning Man )*(