Max Vangeli has just released his new forums, titled ‘The Lab’, which could be found here. The goal is for it to act as a hub for aspiring producers. Here’s his official statement.

“A few months ago I announced the upcoming launch of my own production forum and after a lengthy process of perfecting it we are finally ready to GO! When I was starting my musical journey sources such as the Laidback Luke forum greatly helped me improve my skills and acquire the knowledge to succeed and grow as a producer. That’s when I made a promise to myself that one day I would like to do the same for my fans. I want to share my knowledge and help anyone creatively as much as possible.

With that said I would like to present “The Lab”, an interactive production forum I am launching in order to achieve my mission.“The Lab” is going to be a fun and interactive environment where you can post your music ideas, as well as learn from various video tutorials provided. “The Lab” will also host a ton of exclusive competitions and exciting interactions for our members only. Not only will I be 100% involved with the feedback and critique of your work, I also teamed up with a few great producers that will share their input as well”. 

The site is an amazing step towards breaching the gap between aspiring producers, and the ones who have made it big. With it, it will become much eaasier for people to not only achieve their goals but also to be able to translate the melodies in their head into music.

Any producers looking for guidance, advice, or simply to talk with some people on the professional level should head over to The Lab and get settled! It truly is a great age for music, with people like Max Vangeli bridging the gaps like this!