Our feature today explores the coming of a boy who couldn’t get the music out of his head, so he made a living off of it. Enter Maxon, a young German from Cologne who is currently on the frontline of a new era of upcoming electronic musicians.

His story begins at the tender age of eight, where he was inducted into the musical realm through a gift bought for him by his grandmother, a keyboard. From there he quickly filled up his days crafting his passion, playing in and out of bands all the while experiencing himself. Fast-forward to today, the musicality in his life has blossomed into a talent for production, dance music that is.

As an electronic producer, he tends to create what he feels sounds good, avoiding the bindings that come with genres. Now if our discoveries have proven anything thus far, it’s that not classifying yourself to one specific branch of music will score you attention. For Maxon, that attention came from the signing of songs like “Pulsar” and “Meloria” by labels Trusted and Peruse respectively. His impressions continued to broaden, touching more people whilst gaining his loyal following.

It was then that he was adopted into the Avant / Garde family. Producing under the watchful eye of label owner Chris Avantgarde, Oliver’s music took a turn for the edgier, the deeper and the darker sounding sounds. As a result, he alongside long-time friend Aachtone produced “Valve” under Chris’ label, a track that received immense praise. In 2015, he returned to the label, producing yet another smash in “Titans”.  The track deemed so much success that the label issued a remix contest, bringing to light even more talented artists as the song was notoriously remixed.

If you still question the impression Oliver has, consider this. His latest production “Medusa” with UK producer Axel Bless has received full blown support from names like John Dahlbäck, Deniz Koyu, Chuckie and Alesso, amongst a slew of others. Remember that attention we mentioned earlier?

In the end, common words spoken by the wise of the business tell us that in order to succeed, one must be different, one must not clutter their minds with the genres and trends and above all, one must stay true to themselves. If you are special, success will find you and we at SoundxNoize believe this is how Maxon got to where he is today.