Mr. Styles is a DJ of Egyptian/Cypriot descent who grew up in the beautiful and ancient city of Athens in Greece. Growing up listening to the great DJs play incredible sets, he knew from a young age exactly what he wanted to do.

“I realized at some point that the best way to express exactly what I wanted through my sets, was to play my own tracks”

It’s been years since, and Mr. Styles has taken to the studio, producing tracks that suit exactly his style, balancing mood with energetic dancing to control the atmosphere of the crowd. By genre standards, you could consider his music House, but he always loves to throw a little Tech in there. He also experiments a lot while he’s in the studio, producing all kinds of interesting sounds he’s eager to add into something concrete.

Recently, Mr. Styles has DJed at some of the hottest spots, including Escape in Amsterdam, Pulse & DSTRKT in London, Spell in Athens and Far Out in Ios. He’ll be playing side by side with long time friend Jenia at Guaba Beach Bar September 25th, along with Dutch EDM legends W&W on October 20th, in the heat of the Amsterdam Dance Event. It’ll be his second time returning to Guaba, and as he’s considered playing there one of his great achievements, you can bet that this years show will be one for the ages!

Be sure to catch Mr. Styles in Amsterdam, or anywhere along the Mediterranean coast to hear his energetic party vibes in action!

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