Still Young, a Canadian duo that keeps their identities anonymous caught up with Sound and Noize this past weekend. Legendary Swedish DJ and Producer Steve Angello has impacted their industry growth through none-stop support with each track being released. The boys have also have immense support of their music by some of the top DJ’s in the world according to DJ Mag. Read up on their interview about their lifestyle brand, new music and there latest track White Label (This is Love).

1)     Where are you both originated? Tell us your influence on the dance music industry.  

We are Canadian, born and raised. Our influence on dance music has a massive range. To be honest, “dance music”, for us, didn’t really connect until it revolved around the French house scene. We were really into the obvious legends such as DaftPunk, but deeper into the whole French Hipster scene with artists like Kavinsky, Justice, Busy P, Demon, Alan Braxe, Fred Falke etc. Really admired what they did as a family and had their own sound without caring about what was going on. Meeting Steve, and the Swedish sound also allowed us to get really inspired.

2)     Explain the brand behind ‘Still Young’.

Still Young for us isn’t so much a brand then it is a lifestyle. Our lifestyle just fit the brand. So when the world thinks we are hiding, we really aren’t, we just aren’t crazy about posting our personal private life within the social world. We worked with Steve and his design team and they had a good understanding of our personalities before creating the “brand”. The vision was based around something people can connect to in real and organic way. Being simple with life, and no care to impress others or worry about what others do. Realistically, when it came together as a brand, it really felt real and natural for us and fits our real life characters.

3)     Who came up with the concept of not revealing your identity?

There is no concept about not revealing ourselves. It’s more or less about retaining the real you. We really want people to understand there is no hiding, but mainly about focusing on what we are connected together by and that is the music. In today world, it’s extremely easy to get lost in who you are and falling into the traps of who someone else is. We decided to do something different and let the music speak for us. No gimmicks. Let the listeners experience something new, without any possible bias, other than your music. We feel this creates a special bond between our fans, the music and us. To appreciate something without seeing it, but only hearing it, is a powerful thing.

4)   Do you both believe it’s a trend to keep your identity a secret?

We definitely have noticed since we started this with Steve years ago a larger number of artists are more comfortable with the notion of not having the need to overexpose socially in a market that thrives in doing so. Sometimes doing what others are not, can be a good thing.

5)     Tell us about your creative process while producing ‘This Is Love’.

This record is something really special. It all started about 1.5 years ago as a more simplified idea, very house oriented direction, yet, nice summer feeling to it. Directions kept changes and we never quite felt that it was finished properly but we had created great parts. We kept visiting the project as we loved the chord progression and overall melody but we decided early last year that we would take a different direction. The moment we had this new edit almost complete, mind you as an instrumental, we knew it was going to be something special. After letting Steve hear this new instrumental, it was his idea to add the Bob Marley vocal and a brilliant idea at that. It was a challenge to make the vocals sit properly within the mix but after choosing the right placements from the original it added emotion and soul. It was literally about fifteen minutes before Steve was leaving his hotel room to go to Tomorrowland Brazil stage that we got him the demo. The track went off and Steve called us immediately after getting off the stage to say he is fully behind this. We wanted to do something special and that was to re-record the vocals and get them as near to the original voice of Bob Marley as humanly possible. We tried many vocalists over the months but it was nearly impossible to capture that soulful reggae voice that Bob had. Finally we reached out to a close friend in London UK who knew of someone that can really capture Bob’s original spirit. You only get one chance at tracks like this so we wanted to put everything we had into it and not cut corners. We are proud of this record and can only thank Steve and the team at Size for backing us up throughout the journey. It really was about love and patience.

6)     Which artists and venues have been supporting your tracks?

Wow, the reach and plays on our latest one has been overwhelming. A lot of the top 100 acts/DJs are playing White Label (Is This Love) or have given at least one of our productions, in the past, a spin in front of their fans. Our tracks have been supported and played all over the world, including all major festivals and clubs. It’s great to have the suppport of your peers. We thank and respect them all but it’s the fans that make a track big. DJ’s can play your music but it’s support from the fans that makes the most impact and gives the track an organic life on it own.

7)     Any new content being released soon? What should your fans expect for this summer of 2017?

We have a lot of new experimental music. Some really diverse stuff, that fans or even djs may not see coming from us, which is great. No release dates are confirmed as we are really enjoying what’s going on with White Label at the moment. Collaborations are in the works and sounding large with some familiar faces. Last but not least, we want to meet the fans and party with you all on the main stage. Let’s make 2017 a memorable one. Cheers & thanks, till next time.