Montreal’s nightlife is a Canadian treat, with little competition compared to other provinces. Within the inner circle of its bustling club industry is Thomas Vernis. Owner of Thomahawk Group, Thomas and his team are dedicated towards providing Old Montreal with a creative and unique touch.

“The idea behind [Thomahawk Group] is to sell pleasure and hospitality. We want to give our customers good vibes and a fun experience everywhere they go”

Thomas has been in the nightclub industry for ages. Studying towards a business degree, he realized it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for. Lack of motivation, and the desire to listen to music and enjoy the moment with friends led him to pursue a different path .

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Before owning his own, he started off working for Buona Notte, and Time Supper Club. Following a degree in hotel management, and an internship at Monte Carlo Beach Club in Monaco, Thomas returned to Montreal with innovative and fresh ideas for the city. It began with Santos Tapas Bar, a Spanish supper club which has rose to become a hot spot within the Old Port. Years later, they opened up Dolcetto , an Italian pizzeria and wine bar. 2 years ago they started Tommy Café, a new school coffeeshop with a liquor permit and incredible pastries . Aside from maintaining these places, Thomahawk Group also throws parties.

Success has not slowed Thomas and his Thomahawk Group. Their sights are now set on their newest project, Rockwood, which they have coined a modern ‘Canadian Brasserie’. The concept is a restaurant serving all Canadian products: meat, fish, vegetables, bread, cheese. By keeping it local, Rockwood creates its own distinct trend.

Thomas sees Thomahawk Group expanding more and more. His plans are for the group to bring on more staff, open more restaurants, but the end game for him would be a hotel in the Old Port.

“I love the area because it’s Europeanized and has so many tourists. I also love working with international crowds. I love meeting people all over the world and this is where Old Montreal connects itself”

Thomas Vernis is the perfect example of how people in Montreal value a cultured and innovative experience. His successes are a result of his passions, which show in the quality of the venues he manages. Keep your eye out for more from Thomas’ and Montreal’s Thomahawk Group.