The Sound and Noize team sat down with Progressive House producer and Fonk Records owner Dannic before his shows at Miami Music Week. We discussed new tracks, collaborations, Fonk Records and new up and coming talent within the dance music industry. Make sure to read down below to see all the shows Dannic covered and new tracks being featured.

1) Coming back from your Asia tour, what is the culture difference compared to the United States? How is the crowd different?

I love playing in Asia because the dance music industry is still fairly new to them. The scene has been really blowing up over the past 5 years. I have been doing a lot of shows over there and every time I go back, the people are more educated within the music scene because they learn more when artists perform and clubs and music festivals. Its crazy, especially in China they don’t have Facebook or social platforms that help them communicate with the other half of the world. They have recently allowed new streaming platforms that help our fans view our shows if cannot attend. In Asia, the way of life is by the people going out 24 hours 7 days a week so there society is always busy in regards to networking, meeting new people and partying. There is always new clubs being opened so you can seriously play 40 shows in less than a month.

2) What shows will you be playing in Miami this week?

I started off Miami Music Week with playing the DJ Mag pool party where I featured a lot of House music. I also had a special surprise guest performance at Fedde Le Grand’s party at Spinnin’ Hotel. It was great showing up because we premiere our new track together so the crowd was bumping. I also played Revealed and Doorn Records parties.

3) Any new techniques you will be show casing?

Throughout this whole week I have featured a lot of new tracks from my label Fonk Recordings and of course my new track with Fedde Le Grand which is the biggest track I have out right now! At Revealed I played 4 new tracks so its really cool being able to experiment with all the tracks I’ve been working on for the past months.

4) Fonk Records has been working with big and smaller artists – do you believe in supporting new acts?

The main reason I started Fonk Recordings was to focus on my own sound (groovy and progressive) and feature new acts in the music industry. My label allows them to experiment and showcase their new music. I always believed in supporting new artists that want to get their music heard. Back in the days, when smaller artists would email me, I didn’t have a platform to allow their music to be heard so I created Fonk for that specific reason too. Artists you should keep your eyes open to are Corey James, Will K, WE AM, Dirty Ducks and many more.