For a full week in March every year, the Miami dance music scene explodes, connecting people with artists, showcasing new music and people networking their brand. Over the past week, Sound and Noize hung out with EDX before performing at his shows. We talked new music, collaborations and the Miami Music Week experience. Make sure to read up on the full interview along with listening to his groovy tracks down below.

1)What does MMW mean to you personally?

I’ve been coming to WMC/ MMW since 1997, which is 20 years. Every year, the week-long conference is filled with fresh new music from the industry. The week is all about connecting with friends from all around the world, meeting new people in the industry and networking your brand and your music. I love to showcase all the work I’ve been creating over the past months. I am so happy to be here and play such amazing venues for my fans.

2)Which events will you be performing at?

I kicked off MMW with playing at Nikki Beach, the W Hotel rooftop, played B2B sets with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Robin Schulz etc. I also played a show at No Sugar added and Spinnin’ Records pool party. Throughout all these shows I love the intimacy of being close to all my fans at these pool parties. I am able to interact with them after my sets. By playing all these pool parties and clubs, it helps me showcase all my new music I’ve been working on for months. I am able to try out new music and see if the crowd is vibing with my new tracks.

3)What sounds will you be showcasing?

Through all my sets, I will be showing sexy tribal house music along with brand new groovy music. These specific sounds are my favorite for Miami music this city is filled with love for house music and these specific sounds.

4) Any new tracks in the making?

Next week, my brand new track ‘ All I Know’ will be out on Spinnin’ Deep. I have been showcasing the track at all my events and my fans have been buzzing. I am beyond excited to release it. I also have a new track with Nora En Pure we both collaborated on making the track a bit more mainstream which has been playing at all the clubs. For this specific track, we both got out of our zones and switched the sounds which is a little more dirty and not our typical signature sounds. It was amazing to work with her because she is in the same genre of music and we both love the same tunes.

5) Are there any new up and coming artists that have caught your attention?

Especially for MMW, I have always found new talent I want to work with. I love working with new artists because they have a fresh new sound that is not discovered yet. I also love discovering new female vocal artists because I love using them in my songs.