For the past 5 years during Miami Music Week, Chus + Ceballos have created their own event; Stereo Productions yacht party. The event features dark and intimate vibes from the producers to the fans, making it one of the best parties during the music week. The Sound and Noize team sat down with both Spanish producers to get updates on their record label, events being played and new and up coming tracks. Make sure to read the interview down below to stay posted with post Miami Music week coverage!

Explain the creative process while creating the remix of ‘Batuka’

For our tracks being made, we always start off with groove. Once we have incorporated other genres we put it together, which created ‘Batuka’, remix. In general while producing a track, we get a lot of inspiration from traveling around the world. Our inspiration is motivated by meeting new people, learning about different culture and playing venues around the world. Our creative process is always expanding because we travel daily so it is easy to get inspired and make new music.


Welcoming in Miami Music Week, what shows will you be playing?

The shows we played in Miami Music week were at Treehouse, Stereo Yacht party, Toolroom in Stereo pool party, Heart nightclub and many more. Over the past week we have met such amazing people around the world who share the same passion towards music as us. We have met amazing producers, fans and people in the music industry. Miami Music Week is all about showcasing new music and networking yourself as a DJ.

For the past 5 years why has Stereo Yacht party been a ritual?

For the past 5 years, we have created the stereo productions yacht party, which is a very intimate event because the venue is so small and you are able to connect to your fans because of close space. There are three floors to the yacht party in which you are able to walk around eat, connect and listen to great music. We had a lot of fun preparing the event.

What makes the yacht party a go-to event during music week?

The yacht party brings on aboard great music; amazing selection of artists and a beautiful crowd filled with house music lovers. As said before, the yacht party is very intimate; connecting all DJ’s and fans together.