Through sacrifice, you find the inner connection of beauty. Energy travels from different atmospheres colliding a deep meaning of life. Natalie Torres, from ‘The Traveling Light’ expresses her higher emotions through meditation, yoga & mindfulness. Activating a light through the tunnel of enlightenment and empowerment. Positivity is what keeps her mind, body & soul alined. Read down below for a spiritual awakening!

  1. How many years have you been practicing yoga/meditation & reiki? What is the difference & connection between the practices? I’ve been meditating for 7 years and doing yoga for 3 years. I think it’s important to find a genre of mediation or yoga you really like. There’s so many different kinds. You have to find a kind that really resonates with you, your goals and what you’re working through. Meditation is a part of yoga. After a yoga class, you can feel like you just meditated. The difference is yoga is a physical practice that also works on the entire mind, body and spirit. And meditation is more about the mind and spirit. Meditation can benefit you physiologically but you’re not doing chatarangas and working out. I’m also an energy healer which makes me a little biased. In my opinion, meditation tends to work faster for spiritual and emotional issues than yoga. So if you’re dealing with an emotional issue, I would personally suggest doing a Kundalini meditation with breathwork or chanting. But that’s just me! It’s important to note that there is so much power in moving through your emotions in a physical practice as well. 

2. Before your awakening, what was your life like prior? What are some of the benefits you’ve inherited? 

I’ve had many awakenings. But my life before my biggest awakening was really up and down. I didn’t have good boundaries with people or partying. My mind was filled with a lot of lows and fear. I had a really bad eating disorder. And I basically let my mind rule me instead of the other way around. Now I have strong boundaries with others, I’ve healed my eating disorder through yoga and meditation, I’m conscious with partying, and I feel like I am the master of my mind and my life. I live from my heart space now. So if something’s not aligned with my heart or not coming from my authentic truth, I say no thank you. 

3. In your opinion what is the difference between spirituality & religious practices? 

True spirituality sets you free. Everybody is welcome here even if you do or do not have a religious practice. Spirituality is about peeling back the fears and layers that are not of your truest self on a soul level. Religion is about rules can be really oppressing especially for women and the LGBTQ community. Religion causes wars. Spirituality brings people together. And like I said, you can be religious and spiritual. But there is a difference between the 2. You can make spirituality your own and I think that’s really important. In Kundalini Yoga, the mantra is Sat Nam. Sat Nam is the vibration of your unique truth which is different than mine or anybody else’s. So when you chant that, you’re activating who you are before the societal conditioning, from your upbringing, and who you are before the fears and trauma. Your Sat Nam is unique to you. And that’s the beauty in spirituality. You can be you. You’re enough here. 

4. What does it take to be awakened? Can anyone adapt to this lifestyle? 

To me, being spiritually awake just means you’re on a path of shedding all the layers that are not of your truest self. It’s a journey not a destination. We have days where we feel more awake than others. Just like confidence and happiness come and go, the same goes for being spiritually awake. But once you adopt a spiritual practice and connect with your soul on a regular basis, you’ll find that you’re more spiritually awake more days than not. And then it becomes who you are the more you practice meditation or yoga. All it takes is desire to get there. If somebody has the willingness and desire, they can become spiritually awake. Immerse yourself in knowledge. Try stuff on and see what sticks. See what you really like. There’s something for everybody in the spiritual community.

5. Do you see house music & spirituality alined? If so, what is the connection between them. 

Yes totally. I remember the first rave I went to. I was already spiritual. But hearing the vibrations from the bass and the drops..It was love at first sight. Going to shows and festivals really taught me how to enjoy life. That’s how I’ve met some of my best friends. It taught me the beauty in connecting with like minded souls. It taught me how to lighten up. I think the house music community is so underrated in how healing it can be. It’s wayyyyy better than going out to regular bars. I’ve literally left shows and got my soul cleansed. The similarity in the two is that they bring people together. There’s no judgement. All are welcome. They’re both tools to bring more peace and happiness into your life. I think they can totally work in unison together. That’s how it’s been in my experience. 

6. How do you practice mindfulness on a daily bases? 

I wakeup and do the Kundalini meditation for intelligence everyday. It’s only 11 minutes and it can be pretty trippy. You can feel the energy move through your body. It’s my favorite way to start my day. A walk in nature is another one of my favorite ways to practice mindfulness. Nature calms the nervous system. If you don’t want to meditate that day, go spend some time outside and show gratitude for Mother Earth. I sometimes start my day just dancing to house music after I make my coffee. That’s the beautiful thing about spirituality, you can make it your own. 

 How have you been staying positive during this quarantine time? What are some of the activities you’ve been doing to keeping your mind busy?

I started my own business over quarantine. Before I was modeling full time in New York. But I found it wasn’t making my soul happy. I’m a reiki master and an akashic healer. I’m also in college finishing my undergrad in psychology. Over quarantine, I’ve been building my website and online store of healing services. My mission is mental health and helping people deal with chronic emotional or mental imbalances and teach others to return to their center. I’ve taught meditation to hundreds of people over quarantine. I also give private healing sessions over zoom. I will continue to model until my meditation and healing business takes over my schedule full time! When I’m not busy with building my healing business or teaching during quarantine, I’m usually at the hiking trails, doing nothing with the dogs, doing homework, or reading.