No matter where Rub A Dub goes, his mind is always elsewhere: thinking of music, melodies and grooves. Born in Sarajevo, he knew that he had to find the music he wanted to create, and not wait for his ideas to come to him. At a young age, he didn’t have the technical skill to create the music he makes now, but as he got older and learned the techniques, he began applying the skill he mentally developed. He began making Hip-Hop beats, but found a passion for electronic music shortly after

“I have always felt that drive inside of me, need of music. I always had musical ideas”

Artists from all musical genres inspired him. Music is music, and there’s something you can take out of any style. Currently, artists under the label Perlon are inspiring his tastes, but there will always be more. His style is Tech House, but like most he dabbles into other genres. Most of his tracks include House and Minimalist elements.

Rub A Dub’s dark groovy style is high in demand all over Europe, and he’s played at many of the great venues, including in Ibiza, France, Italy, Croatia and Greece and at festivals such as Exit, Ultra and Lunar Festival. Check out this solid set at Ultra Europe 2015 below.

At this point in his life, having his track played on Marco Carola’s performance on BBC Radio 1 remains a milestone in his career (which may have prompted his track to reach #3 on Beatport Top 10). As he looks forward, he has plans to complete his first studio album, and keep experimenting with new music. His understanding of music is that it is dynamic. Always changing. Like music, Rub A Dub is ever changing, adapting his style to what he finds comfort in.

“[…] knowing there is always something new to experience, learn and that the adventure is ever continuous. It makes me happy knowing this is something I love doing that has really no end to it”

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