The Ancient Future Festival will take place on September 8th and 9th, at Quai de l’Horloge, in the Old Port of Montreal. The event was created by La Bacchanale agency, a fundraising firm that aims to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities. The pyramid, where the ritual of the festival will take place, will be positioned at the edge of the St. Lawrence River. Placed in between nature and the city, participants will find themselves in a symbolical limbo between past and future.

According to the organizers, “the festival is meant to be a way of assessing tomorrow’s society through the creation of a utopian space, on the border between the values of the past and our future desires.”

The Ancient Future emerged from the desire to innovate the electronic music festival scene and it is known for being multidisciplinary in the arts circus arts, digital arts, visual arts, performing arts, and dance.

There will be three stages with worldwide DJs from various styles and origins. From Mall Grab, the 23-year-old from England described last month as the hottest property in house music by Mixmag magazine cover, to Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson. Other noteworthy artists are the local Atroxx, Eagles and Butterflies, and the Underachievers from Brooklyn, who will bring their rap on stage and will hold a meet and greet for an extra ticket.

Happening at a city with a large European influence, many of the DJs will fly overseas to attend the festival. Sam Paganini from Italy, Hudson Mohawke from Scorland, Fritz Kalkbrenner from Germany and Folamour and Etienne de Crecy from France, among others.  With a wide variety of music styles ranging from techno and house as well as rap, disco, trap, and African and Latin rhythms, the Ancient Future Festival will have electronic music for all tastes as well as being a great place for wide-ranging music lovers.

One of the pillars of the Ancient Future Festival is environmental and social consciousness. In an effort to minimize their foot print, public transport is encouraged and it is a “leave no trace” event. Day & night passes, single tickets and VIP are available at their webpage.

The Ancient Future Festival will happen at a utopian space, where our values of the past and what we want to build in the future meet. Be ready for a truly hedonistic experience.