Montreal natives Lex & Wood have been in the city’s bumpin’ nightlife for over half a decade now. They’ve helped push their style of groovy, thumpin’ Tech House into the scene, where it is now cemented as a crowd pleaser and fan favorite. It’s surprising it took this long for SoundandNoize to link up with the duo, but here it finally is!

Ben and Aless grew up with very different styles of music in their lives. Ben began at a young age bouncing between various Rock & Roll and Heavy Metal bands, while Aless picked up the piano. Eventually, Ben had began producing Hip Hop beats, and was introduced to the world of electronic production. Amidst the early evolution of the electronic music scene, the two eventually hooked up and pursued music production together. Names like Ben Remember Riva Starr and Latmun helped inspire them into finding their own sound that delivered similar results.

“[…] we decided to dedicate ourselves to that craft and to create music that makes our heads bob”

Their style today has evolved from only exclusively Tech House, into a wide array of genres; weapons they keep for the dance floor, including Montreal’s beloved after hours style of Techno and Tech House. Tracks like that they keep for shows like their monthly residency at Circus Afterhours (Montreal). Most of their work, they coin as being “colourful and energetic”, and they enjoy giving the underground scene a more accessible feel, for those not completely immersed in the genres that are by and large an acquired taste.

Since dedicated their production to Tech House, their careers have taken off. They’ve locked a long-term deal with Armada Music, which to this day remains their milestone, and look to the future, with more shows and productions in the works. In October, they’ll leave off to Amsterdam for the iconic Amsterdam Dance Event, where they’ll link up with the crew at Armada Subjekt, network their brand and style, and seek further inspiration for their career.

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