Polish rooted – Beata Sadurska, started her career in the entertainment industry – where she branched through being an artist-manager, producer of television shows and events focusing in fashion in her early years.

MOON&NOMAD is Beata’s up-to-date project where her travel and fashion combined into one. The designer handcrafts unique and exclusive pieces at the most influential events from Burning-man to The Red Carpet. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, The Martinez Brothers, Solomun, Black Coffee, Guy Gerber, Birds of Mind, Bedouin, Dixon, Jamie Jones, Blond:ish just to name a few were spotted wearing Beata’s colourful designs. 

Boutiques carrying MOON&NOMAD can be found in St Barths, Ibiza, Mykonos, Necker island and Los Angeles

Over at SoundandNoize, Founder and Owner Taylor Rozenblat model’s with the help of Naomi Dayan, fashion influencer and stylist to bring street and city style to MOON&NOMAD’S nomadic look.