Sweden is one of the hottest spots to find musical talent. Shying away from the big cities, Klahr moved out of Gothenburg to the rural countryside of Fjärås. A place he claims is perfect to grow up in and find yourself, being surrounded by peacefulness and a quiet calm. One such calming place, called Bräckan, held a beautiful panoramic view of the landscape, which inspired the beginning of his “Torn Apart” remix. Klahr naturally gives some credit to the beautiful Swedish countryside to contributing to his musical genius.

Having been making music for about 5 years now, Klahr began his experiments into production on the famous FL Studio Digital Audio Workstation. Though it was installed on his computer for years before, his spark was achieved when the Swedish House Mafia changed dance music forever. Some producers stick to what they’re good at when it comes to studio production. For Klahr, he follows with what he’s feeling. He’s never been one to shy away from whatever style or melody is on his mind. Instead, he takes what he’s feeling and rolls with it. Maybe it turns into something great, maybe it doesn’t. But the journey of building that melody will teach him more than perfecting a single track ever would.

“I am also a pretty shy guy, and I have always been, so music has sort of been my language, or my way of communicating if you will. Hence, my music is very driven by emotions, it’s basically my way to tell you about how I really feel”

His latest productions in the studio are drawn from House and also disco music, making for some dynamic tracks. This also means that sets he puts together end up being quite funky and groovy with a solid House beat over it. What he’s most concerned about however, is his music staying true to himself.

“I think that those guys that are extremely successful and really set themselves apart from the rest of the artists in the scene, are just that because of how pure they are to themselves, Like Skrillex for example. Music that is personal and unique will attract people in some way”

While Klahr has been busy in the studio, his busy schedule of producing music and studying for his last semester of university classes have made it difficult for him to start performing live. His first goal is to finish his education, which will be completed this June. Once his degree is in his hands, its full steam ahead into his music career. What is most important for him is to be dedicated to his passion. To love what he does and to remain pure to it. To take any failures as they come and be open to improvement. These are the paths to success, and Klahr knows it.

“I don’t really have any expectations; as long as I get to produce music I’m as lucky as I could ever be”

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